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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Donald Trump is not the cyberpunk future. He is a dystopian nightmare.

"Earlier this week, always-excellent comics site The Nib published a piece declaring 2017 to be a “1990s cyberpunk dystopia.” There’s a good argument that we’ve been moving toward a cyberpunk present for years, especially as science fictional technologies get closer to reality — among other things, the comic cites personal drones, hackable “smart” appliances, and smartphones. But its punchline was specific to the two-week-old Trump administration: “Most dystopian of all, we now have a villainous business tycoon running the nation with the biggest army of killer robot drones in the world.”

Dystopian may be the right word for the current political environment, but cyberpunk is the completely wrong one."

Donald Trump is not the cyberpunk future - The Verge

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