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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell - The Condoleezza Rice Interview Rice Defends Contentiously The Policies Of The Bush Administration Despite Their Obvious Mistakes!

Condoleezza Rice, like her former boss G.W. Bush is a lying hypocrite. She repeatedly lied during this interview. When Bush ordered the Iraq war Saddam Hussein's mass murders of Iraqi citizens were long over. Those murder had occurred nearly a decade before when Bush's father encouraged the Kurds to rebel in the North then he let them be slaughtered. 

As a result of the policies put in place by her administration over 100,000 Iraqi civilians were senselessly killed. There was a no fly zone over the areas that Hussein had attacked before in is country. 

Rice was trying to muddy the water with distortions and falsehoods which has been her pattern. Remember she is the one who said that the Clinton administration had not warned the incoming Bush administration about the fact that they considered Al Qaeda to be America's greatest threat. Richard Clarke proved that lie. He had written a memo which was on ju that very topic and sent it to Condi Rice. Bob Woodward verified the fact that Rice had lied in his book Bust At War. Rice is and always has been a sleazy, dishonest person. Here is a copy of the memo proving her dishonesty.

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