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Friday, March 03, 2017

Why Does Everybody Seem to Hate Omarosa Manigault? - The Daily Beast

#ManchurianPresident #ResistanceIsNotFutile There have always been Negroes like these, even during slavery. I despise them with all of my heart. "Omarosa is seen by many as the force behind Trump’s arguably clumsy attempts to reach across the racial aisle. There was the flurry of Trump Tower meetings with Very Famous Black People (Kanye, MLK III, Jim Brown, BET founder Bob Johnson, and Steve Harvey, come on down!)—though some in the D.C. rumor mill doubt she could have pulled off the Kanye meet. Then there was the Black History Month kick-off in the Roosevelt Room, where we were treated to The Donald’s delighted discovery of Frederick Douglass and where blinged-out Cleveland pastor Darrell Scott publicly negotiated between the “top gang thugs” and the White House. And who can forget Trump’s awkward visit to the Smithsonian’s new African American History and Culture museum, where he once again used his public remarks to boast about his diminutive Electoral College victory and, when confronted with artifacts of American slavery, apparently remarked “boy, that’s not good”?

The onetime Clinton White House staffer and former reality-show supervillain returned to politics with the man who became her TV mentor. She has an office in the West Wing as a communications staffer in the Office of Public Engagement, along with ample rented space in the psyches of Washington’s best-known black Republicans, many of whom view her as a Democratic interloper wielding inordinate access at a time when Republicans enjoy rare power.

“I would applaud a Republican president appointing a black Democrat to what he’s appointed her to, in order to help the White House reach across the aisle. He’s just got the wrong black Democrat” said a black elder statesman who spent decades active in GOP politics, and who was one of several prominent black Republicans who spoke on condition of anonymity so they could speak freely. Few were willing to go on record, given how small the black Republican community is, and given the threat of retaliation by the White House.

This lifelong black Republican likened bringing in Omarosa to a Democratic president putting ’90s-era anti-affirmative action crusader Ward Connerly in their administration. “He’s got a black Democrat who hasn’t produced a single [Congressional Black Caucus] member to support any nominee that has been appointed,” this person continued. “She hasn’t produced anybody on the Democratic side who is willing to be supportive of anything that Trump has done. So what is her role?”

They added: “She has no mission or goal other than to make Omarosa the head sister in charge.”

The black Republicans who spoke to The Daily Beast made no attempt to hide their disdain for Omarosa, whose ascent has confounded political insiders who still see her as a product of crass reality TV—not unlike the way many of them view her boss."

Why Does Everybody Seem to Hate Omarosa Manigault? - The Daily Beast

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