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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Live updates: Reopening grinds to a halt as coronavirus hospitalizations surge in Sun Belt states

This happening was obvious to any clear eyed person the day that Georgia Governor Bryan Kemp became the first Governor to prematurely reopen a State.  Americans have been irresponsible and selfish That is the cause of this resurgence.

“ Live updates: Reopening grinds to a halt as coronavirus hospitalizations surge in Sun Belt states

The start of the fall semester is over a month away, but 143 students and employees at the University of Georgia have already tested positive for covid-19, according to new data released by the university’s health center.

That number includes members of the campus community who have undergone testing at UGA’s health center, as well as those who were tested elsewhere and informed the health center of their results, university officials said Monday. They did not provide any additional information about the positive test results, such as the breakdown between students, faculty and staff.

Though classes won’t resume until August, some students have already returned to Athens, the home of UGA’s flagship campus. Voluntary on-campus workouts for football players began earlier this month, and while dozens of athletes at other universities have tested positive for covid-19 after returning for preseason practice, UGA has not disclosed if any players have done so.

Since reopening at the start of June, bars in downtown Athens have been “abuzz” with activity, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Meanwhile, the college town has witnessed a record-shattering surge in new coronavirus infections. One UGA student told WSB-TV that she and seven of her friends all tested positive after going out to the bars one night.

“We were being careless because we weren’t wearing masks,” she said. “No one was wearing masks.”

Georgia is witnessing a steep rise in new coronavirus cases, with the fastest growth occurring among people between the ages of 18 to 29, according to the AJC. People under 30 make up the largest share of the state’s cases, and, since April, the median age of those testing positive has fallen from the mid-50s to the mid-30s. Those demographic shifts appear to be mirrored in UGA’s tally: As recently as June 3, only 44 students and campus workers had tested positive.”

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