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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spanish police arrest Russian programmer 'accused of hacking US election'

Maria Levashova said her husband was accused of writing a virus that helped Donald Trump win the election

" The factual connection between Russia and the Trump campaign is being solidified.  "A Russian programmer has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of involvement in attempts to influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election, local media reported.

Spain’s national criminal court will consider a US extradition request for Peter Levashov, who was detained at Barcelona airport on Friday, some time in the next month.

A legal source told the AFP that Levashov is “suspected of having participated in hacking the election campaign in the United States."

Mr Levashov’s wife earlier said she had been told her husband’s arrest was linked to alleged interference on the US election.

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Speaking to Russia Today, the state-owned  TV station, late on Sunday, Maria Levashova said her husband had been detained "at the request of the American authorities in connection with cyber crime".

She said the Spanish police had told her it was in connection with "a virus which appears to have been created by my husband (and) is linked to Trump's victory."

Spanish police arrest Russian programmer 'accused of hacking US election'

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