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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Republican = unashamed selfishness House GOP Exempts Itself From Zombie Trumpcare


"As House Republicans scramble to get 218 votes to move their revised health plan (a.k.a. Zombie Trumpcare) out of the House, it seems that out of either carelessness or hypocritical avarice they have made a huge drafting mistake by trying to exempt themselves and their employees from the new system. Sarah Kliff explains:

The new Republican amendment, introduced Tuesday night, would allow states to waive out of Obamacare’s ban on pre-existing conditions. This means that insurers could once again, under certain circumstances, charge sick people higher premiums than healthy people.

Republican legislators liked this policy well enough to offer it in a new amendment. They do not, however, seem to like it enough to have it apply to themselves and their staff. A spokesperson for Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) who authored this amendment confirmed this was the case: members of Congress and their staff would get the guarantee of keeping these Obamacare regulations.

House GOP Exempts Itself From Zombie Trumpcare

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