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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Muscles Of Middle Class White Women Flexed In Georgia's 6th District Congressional Race. #FlipThe6th

The 6th District of Georgia Congressional race was remarkable. I saw in this district, in which I have lived for over 30 years, people vote in a two party, multiple candidate race, for a bright, thirty year old young man. However, his story is not what makes this race remarkable or stand out. The real story is his supporters. What happened in this race, as it also as quietly happened last November, is that middle class, educated White women turned out in mass and voted against the extremist Republican Party led by Donald Trump. Trump one this district by only 1 percentage point last November. Romney won it by well over 20 percentage points in 2012. HSS Secretary Price won his last congressional race by 27% two years ago. The demographics of this district have not changed.What has changed is that formerly politically uninvolved, middle class White women in this district became politically active.
In this race I saw the politically awakening of White, middle class women up front and close. It was wondrous to see. The volunteers were more than two thirds women in this 37 year Republican controlled district. I met, talked and worked with many of these women. They were awakened by the deeply ingrained misogyny expressed by Donald Trump and tolerated by the Republican Party. These women were everywhere. They canvassed, manned phone banks, put up yard signs and did whatever was needed to be done. They did it with good humor and a since of community that I had never seen from them before. There were of course women and men of every color and nationality present. A young Chinese American women ran the campaign office that I worked out of but most of the women I encountered were middle aged, middle class White women who cared and had enough of the Republican Party.
I am extremely thankful to these women. I salute them. They have sent Donald Trump and the Republican Party a message. They have taught me to have hope for America if just a little. Let's hope America and the Republican Party listens.

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