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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Opinion | Dislike Comey, Despise Trump - The New York Times















"Furthermore, the U.N. human rights office counts a number of chemical weapons attacks in Syria in 2017 alone, all during Trump’s time in the White House.

Human Rights Watch points out that:

‘Government forces used at least 13 types of internationally banned cluster munitions in over 400 attacks on opposition-held areas between July 2012 to August 2016, killing and injuring civilians, including children. The Syrian-Russian joint military operations, which began on September 30, 2015, have also extensively used internationally banned cluster munitions.’

So why was an attack over the use of banned weapons so necessary right now, particularly since it was just earlier this month when Trump was saying he wanted to pull our troops out of Syria and since he campaigned on anti-interventionism?

Again, forgive me if I’m not buying this as a purely humanitarian mission focused on protecting the Syrian people from suffering.

This action and its timing stink. It feels like a legitimate crisis is being used as a tool of distraction, and that to me is unspeakably callous.

So, I see no need to pick sides between Comey and Trump. I dislike the former, but I despise the latter.

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(Via.). Opinion | Dislike Comey, Despise Trump - The New York Times:

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