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Monday, March 15, 2021

NY vaccine czar called officials to weigh loyalty to Gov. Cuomo: report. Intro Lives in North Atlanta, Georgia From New York, New York Photos Friends 880 friends Eyerusalem Shiferaw Hazar Alsyah Jasmine Armwood Barbara Edwards Cora Armwood Joy Dorsey Sarah Armwood Maricela Marrugo Betty Spears-Brown Life Events Did You Know 1 Privacy · Terms · Advertising · Ad Choices · Cookies · · Facebook © 2021 Posts John Armwood 10 mins · Shared with Public It amazes me to see how liberals can ignore Cuomo's sleaze while complaining about the sleaze of Trump. This is why my Dad taught me as a child there was really no moral difference between liberals and conservatives in America. They will support their perceived interests. They remind me of Dixiecrats who chose to ignore the evils of racism. They are all the same/ Anyone who has read national newspapers knows of Cuomo's long history of threats to politicians in addition to his sexual harassment. This is how evil continues. People see it in their interest to support it. His current supporters are no different from Trump's MAGA crowd. It is sad. "N.Y. Democrat Ron Kim says Cuomo vowed to 'destroy' him for criticizing nursing home Covid response."

NY vaccine czar called officials to weigh loyalty to Gov. Cuomo: report

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