Democrats’ Alabama win underscores political staying power of abortion, IVF© Provided by The Hill

"Aspecial election in Alabama is the latest sign for Democrats that reproductive rights are a major motivating force for voters ahead of this fall’s elections. 

Democrat Marilyn Lands beat Republican Teddy Powell in a special election for a state House seat in the Yellowhammer State on Tuesday, after she leaned into the issues of abortion and in vitro fertilization (IVF). 

Lands’s landslide win in the purple district underscores the political staying power of reproductive rights as an election issue, one that could make the difference as Democratic control of Congress and the White House falls to a handful of states.  

“I feel like [reproductive health care] was a very powerful motivator to get people out to vote in this election,” Lands told The Hill. 

Lands, a licensed professional counselor who has also worked in Republican politics, defeated Powell, a Madison City Council member, for the special election in state House District 10, in the Huntsville area.  

Lands spotlighted IVF and abortion in her ads, including recounting her own personal experience with abortion. Meanwhile, Powell leaned into issues like the economy and infrastructure.  

Reproductive rights deliver Dems another election win© Provided by The Hill

Marilyn Lands, a Democrat who ran a campaign centered on reproductive rights, on is photographed on Tuesday, March 26, 2024. Lands defeated Republican Teddy Powell to win the open legislative seat, according to unofficial returns Tuesday, March 26. Powell, a member of the Madison City Council, Ala., issued a statement conceding the race and congratulating Lands on her victory. ( Marilyn Lands via AP)"