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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Israel-Hamas War Israeli Forces Comb Gaza Hospital for 2nd Day

Here’s what we know:

Israel lied about the hospital, cutting off power and as a result murdering infants through aged.  Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing.  They learned well from the Nazis.     

“The Israeli Army has not presented much evidence that Hamas used Al-Shifa Hospital as a base. A military spokesman said the search would take time.

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The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on Wednesday calling for immediate dayslong humanitarian pauses in the Israel-Hamas war, to allow desperately needed aid to reach civilians in Gaza.

A wide view over a city at night, with bright lights in one small area.
Al-Shifa Hospital was lit up amid a darkened Gaza City late last month. Israel has presented Al-Shifa as one of the primary targets of its invasion.Mohammed Saber/EPA, via Shutterstock

A day after the Israeli military took control of Gaza’s largest hospital, soldiers on Thursday afternoon were still combing the site that Israel has said concealed a secret Hamas base, but had yet to present much evidence supporting that claim to the public.

An Israeli military spokesman said that the search of the hospital grounds would take time because “Hamas knew we were coming” and had made off with or hidden traces of their presence there.

A man in a suit stands behind a lectern.
President Biden at a news conference in California on Wednesday.Doug Mills/The New York Times

President Biden said on Wednesday that the endpoint of the Israel-Hamas conflict has to be a Palestinian state that is “real,” existing alongside an Israeli one.

He added that he and his aides have been negotiating with Arab nations on next steps, but did not give any details.

Yair Lapid emerges from a car surrounded by security personnel in dark suits.
The Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid, center, arriving at a polling station last year. “Israel has lost faith in the prime minister,” he said on Wednesday.Avishag Shaar-Yashuv for The New York Times

Yair Lapid, who leads Israel’s parliamentary opposition, has said that he would join an Israeli government led by the right as long as it excluded the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and some of Mr. Netanyahu’s hard-line partners.

“Israel has lost faith in the prime minister,” Mr. Lapid told the Israeli network Channel 12 in an interview on Wednesday, adding, “We cannot allow ourselves to conduct an extended war with a prime minister that the public does not trust.”

A crowd of people carry signs, some reading “Freedom for Palestine,” and Palestinian flags.
Pro-Palestinian protesters outside Parliament in London on Wednesday, demanding that lawmakers vote for a cease-fire in Gaza.Henry Nicholls/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Britain’s main opposition Labour Party has suffered a significant rebellion in Parliament over its policy on Gaza, in a sign of the hardening of opinion in Western Europe against Israel’s military action in the enclave.

Defying their leader, Keir Starmer, 56 Labour lawmakers — more than a quarter of the party’s total — voted late Wednesday in favor of a motion calling for an immediate cease-fire, going beyond their party’s official position of working to achieve longer humanitarian pauses in the conflict.

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Details about Israel’s raid on Al-Shifa Hospital remain scarce, but imagery released by the Israeli military and statements by Gazan health officials on Wednesday indicate that Israeli troops had entered multiple buildings and controlled at least the area on the northeast side of the hospital complex during the day.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, Gazan officials said Israeli forces remained in a number of buildings in the medical complex, including in the dialysis department.

A witness within Al-Shifa Hospital on Wednesday described an atmosphere of confusion, tension and fear after Israeli soldiers entered and spread out inside the medical complex in Gaza City, questioning people and conducting searches, with explosions and gunfire still rattling windows and nerves.

“There are sounds of explosions but I don’t know what they are blowing up exactly,” said the witness, Mahmoud, who said he was on the fourth floor of a surgical building, where his brother is a patient. “But the sounds are coming from inside the building. Naturally, everyone is scared.”

People carrying signs with pictures of family members who are being held hostage walk down a road.
Hamas and other Palestinian groups are holding around 240 people hostage in Gaza, according to Israeli officials. Amit Elkayam for The New York Times

Israel believes that Wednesday’s raid on Al-Shifa Hospital will put pressure on Hamas to finish a deal to trade dozens of Israeli captives for Palestinian prisoners, according to two senior Israeli officials.

Negotiations for a deal are underway, with the various players working on a framework of an agreement, according to the two Israeli officials, who are involved in the Israeli effort to release the hostages through a deal, as well as a third with knowledge of the matter. Under the proposal, Hamas would release 50 women and children abducted during the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks for roughly the same number of Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons.

People in an open vehicle reach out for water bottles being handed up to them from people on the ground.
Residents displaced from Gaza City were received with water bottles in Khan Younis last week. Many residents of northern Gaza used four-hour long humanitarian pauses to flee the area toward the south of the strip.Samar Abu Elouf for The New York Times

The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on Wednesday calling for immediate and urgent dayslong humanitarian pauses in the Israel-Hamas war to allow desperately needed aid to reach civilians in Gaza.

The resolution put forth by Malta passed after weeks of division and inaction over the Israel-Gaza war. It stopped short of calling for a cease-fire, and it did not spell out the number of days for a humanitarian pause, instead calling for “a sufficient number of days” for “the full, rapid, safe, and unhindered “humanitarian access.”

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