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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Donald Trump Just Issued This Incredibly Chilling Threat to a Rachel Maddow Producer


"Trump’s new head lawyer, John Dowd, completely lost his temper after Maddow pointed out a mistake that he’d made in a recent statement. Dowd had been attacking special prosecutor Robert Mueller for his handling of the investigation into Trump’s connections to Russia, claiming that any investigation into Trump’s finances violated the statute of limitations in this particular case. Maddow picked up on the fact that a statute of limitations would only apply in the case of a crime, so if Dowd was talking about them, it must mean that criminal prosecution against Trump is on the table.

Maddow pressed him on this, asking ‘Who said anything about statute of limitations? Why are you bringing that up? The statute of limitations for prosecuting what crimes exactly?’ Dowd didn’t respond well to this line of questioning, simply giving the vague answer that ‘[They] have no evidence that any of these [Trump business] entities are under investigation,’ and that ‘I’m beginning to think it’s not true. I’m beginning to wonder where the hell it came from.’

After this hostile exchange, Dowd issued a disturbing threat to the producer who had called him before hanging up the phone, stating that ‘This is the last call we’ll ever have.’ It’s hard to know exactly what he meant by this, but the implication is clear, and it could certainly be interpreted as a threat against her well being. Whatever he meant, it’s a completely inappropriate thing for a lawyer to say to a member of the press.

Trump needs to understand that threatening investigators, cabinet officials, and television producers isn’t going to get him what he wants. Threatening the members of his own team has caused them to jump ship or completely embarrass his administration in the past, threatening investigators like Robert Mueller will only serve to further motivate them to find out what crimes he’s committed, and threatening members of the press is sure to backfire."

(Via.). Donald Trump Just Issued This Incredibly Chilling Threat to a Rachel Maddow Producer:

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