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Sunday, October 17, 2010

In Hannity’s America, Fox News Allows On-Air Fundraisers For Republicans

No one will ever accuse Sean Hannity of being fair and balanced, but earlier this week he took his support of Republicans to a new level – blatantly using his program to help his buddy, and former colleague, John Kasich fundraise for his Ohio Governor race.
The problem is not what Hannity did. It is that Fox News allowed it to happen.
David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun has an excellent column up about the interview. “There isn’t a reputable mainstream newspaper in the country that lets its editorial page be used for partisan fund raising,” he wrote. “What Hannity allowed Kasich to do on his show Thursday crosses the line as to what’s acceptable for any news organization, and we all know it isn’t the first Hannity time has done this.”

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