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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The American Immigrant Detention Machine- The Atlantic - The Atlantic

"‘Maybe it is a concentration camp; I don’t want to make it look nice.’ Joe Arpaio stands by his 2008 description of his infamous ‘tent city’ jail. The former Arizona sheriff cultivates an image of toughness on immigration. In 2016, Donald Trump welcomed Arpaio’s support, saying, ‘When Sheriff Arpaio gives you an endorsement, you know you’re the king of the border.’ Rewarding Arpaio with a presidential pardon in 2017 after the sheriff defied a judge’s order to stop immigration arrests, Trump sent a clear message that the handcuffs were off Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents."

(Via.). Joe Arpaio and Trump's ICE Immigration Detention - The Atlantic - The Atlantic:

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