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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

U.S. To Lose $1.6B As Mexican Vacationers Choose Canada



"The American tourism industry could be facing a new phenomenon: waning interest in the traveling to the United States.

After decades of sitting pretty as a bucket list destination, the stars and stripes might be on their way out. Experts warn that anti-immigration rhetoric as well as confusing travel and electronic bans have dampened foreign interest in U.S. vacations, especially from Mexico.

'We have Twitter wars with our President and former President of Mexico…. There is lots of speculation in the media about a trade war with Mexico,' says Douglas Quimby, of Phocuswright, a travel research firm. 'If that happens, what kind of impact does that have on millions of middle-class Mexicans looking to take a trip?'"

(Via.).U.S. To Lose $1.6B As Mexican Vacationers Choose Canada:

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