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Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to Fight Trump’s Racist Immigration Policies "Contact your representatives, get involved locally, and learn about what’s at stake | The Nation


"After bracing for the worst, it’s finally here. Every day since he was inaugurated, Donald Trump has taken steps to implement more of his hate-filled, fear-mongering agenda. Just this week, he began moving forward with a ban on refugees, a wall along the Mexico-US border, a suspension of visas for anyone from particular Middle Eastern and African countries, and cuts to federal funding for sanctuary cities.
Trump’s divisive and harmful executive actions are intended to instill fear among us. Instead, they’ve inspired defiance. Thousands of people gathered at emergency rallies Wednesday night across the country, including in front of the White House in Washington, DC, and in Washington Square Park in New York City. Smaller rallies also popped up in neighborhoods such as Kensington in Brooklyn.
With so much happening, how can we continue to support immigrants, Muslims, and refugees? Here are five steps you can take to support communities targeted by the Trump administration"

How to Fight Trump’s Racist Immigration Policies | The Nation: ""

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