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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Moment - The New York Times

You can look at Hillary Clinton’s path to this juncture and marvel at how difficult she has often made things for herself, creating messes where there didn’t need to be any, frittering away advantages, misunderstanding the mood of voters, underestimating the mettle of opponents, and failing to cement an image — and a message — that seemed authentic and right.

That’s a legitimate perspective. She’s a deeply flawed politician.

But she’s also a preternaturally determined, resourceful and patient one. Her path illustrates that just as compellingly. For about a quarter of a century, she has been vilified as loudly as she has been lionized, told that her talents pale beside her husband’s, called “likable enough” but seldom lovable, and cast in supporting roles: the first lady, the secretary of state.

She never retreated. Never gave up.

And as the returns from Super Tuesday came in, nudging her closer to the Democratic nomination, I realized that we weren’t just seeing greater clarity in a messy race for the White House and the possible approach of history: a first-ever major-party female presidential nominee.

We were seeing the vindication of a fortitude and fierceness that warrant as much notice as her less savory qualities.

She notched important wins on Tuesday in Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas and Alabama, echoing her triumph in South Carolina on Saturday.

Let’s give her this moment, because she fought her way here. She tuned out the naysayers. She turned a blind eye to all her scars. Her ability to do that may reflect unrestrained ambition, a sturdy confidence in her mission or — more likely — an intricate cat’s cradle of both. Whichever the case, it demonstrates a grit that could be her greatest asset in a general election.

Hillary Clinton’s Moment - The New York Times

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