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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Frances Perkins Center - A short history of her life -Created Social Security and the Minimum Wage.

When FDR invited Frances to be his Secretary of Labor, she brought with her a hastily written laundry list of ideas for which she would expect his support if she were to accept his appointment. FDR agreed and she began twelve years as his Secretary of Labor. Throughout these years, some of them during the height of the Great Depression, she worked tirelessly and accomplished a huge number of reforms, establishing new programs for American workers. This story is very well told at the AFL-CIO website and at the Department of Labor website where it is claimed that she led the battle against the Great Depression (with New Deal reforms and programs she either proposed or supported). Among Frances Perkins' major achievements during her tenure, establishing social security for the American people is one of her best known and FDR called it the "cornerstone of his administration." This story is told at the Social Security Administration's website.

Frances Perkins Center - A short history of her life

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