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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Huckabee Jokes About War Of Northern Aggression

No one should be surprised that Southern Baptist minister,  Republican Presidential Candidate and Fox TV host would make an extreme statement like this.   This support of the Confederacy is embedded in the faith 9f the Southern Baptist Convention which was founded on it's rebellion from mainstream Baptists who opposed slavery.   As the Bible says how can a bad tree produce good fruit".   The evangelical tradition is in large part based on the elitist, racist writings of John Calvin who simply took Plato's concept of the finite Cosmos and superimposed it on the teachings of Martin Luther.  He developed the heretical concept of Biblical inerrancy which did not exist in Christianity before him.   He praised well and treated the poor as those with moral failings because they were not blessed by God.  This perverted theology is at the root of evangelical Christianity and Presbyterian theology.   It makes racism and gay bashing easy.   I know of some well meaning unsophisticated  Christians who were initially fooled by Huckabee' profession of Christian faith when they should have been  as was put off by it.    His particular evangelical branch of Christianity is dominant in the South and has been spread noxiously to the developing world capturing many naive people in Africa,  Asia and South America.   They reject science.  Claim evolution is not real,  deny global warming and ha even sponsored groups who have advicated the death penalty for gassing Uganda and only back tracked and lied about their previous support when the American and British m3dia shone a light on their horrific activities.  They have supported similar hate legislation in Kenya.   Huckabee is who he is.   He is a representative of an heretical strain of Christianity that is based in racism,  male hegemony over women and gay bashing.   

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