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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Margaret Thatcher and Black Britons: Some Not Mourning Her Death

Margaret Thatcher and Black Britons: Some Not Mourning Her Death: "t's always fascinating to observe how romantic Americans are about the United Kingdom. No matter what age or color, economic status or education, the country that most Americans call 'England' always brings out the corniest responses.

I like showing folks London when they come over, making sure that they see black London, too, of course, whose capital is a South London community called Brixton. Brixton is very gentrified these days, as many inner-city black communities are everywhere. But many black people still live there. And there was a fairly big party there Monday night.

That morning, a little before noon, it was announced that Margaret Thatcher, Britain's legendary prime minister, had died of a stroke in her room at the Ritz Hotel. The BBC and the rest of the nation had been preparing for this day for years, so the newscasters dressed in black and the tributes poured in; it was all fairly automatic. What they weren't prepared for was the jubilation at the announcement of her death. It was pretty wild stuff.



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