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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book Review - 'Zeitoun,' by Dave Eggers - Review -

This is a extremely important book which tells one families tale during the horrors of Katrina coupled with anti-Arab racial bigotry. This is modern day America. I was on Facebook a few hours ago in a thread where some unschooled, primitive hick, used the term "nig town" to describe Detroit Chicago and other cities. It came out of the blue. This is one reason I do not and will not own a fire arm. People who make statements like that would provoke me possibly to use one. As I decided over forty years ago I would never go overseas to fight a war until my real enemies here at home were defeated. Unfortuneately many of them are still alive and kicking.

Book Review - 'Zeitoun,' by Dave Eggers - Review - ""


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