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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Dumb, ignorant and just plain stupid. - Coal King Begs Court to Gag John Oliver

"A coal baron is seeking a gag order against John Oliver and HBO. The baron in question, Robert Murray, sued Oliver for defamation earlier this month, alleging that the HBO host’s June 18 show was character assassination.

While the litigation plays out, Murray wants Oliver to stop talking about him—and he wants HBO barred from re-broadcasting the episode in question. In a motion filed in the Marshall County Circuit Court in West Virginia on June 28, Murray’s lawyers asked Judge Jeffrey Cramer to bar HBO from re-broadcasting the June 18 episode of Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight, and to bar Oliver and the other defendants (including the show’s writers) from discussing the lawsuit in public. That could mean HBO would have to take down any YouTube videos of the episode, according to First Amendment litigator Ken White, who called Murray’s effort to get a gag order “astonishingly frivolous.”

Coal King Begs Court to Gag John Oliver

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