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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Does Prevagen® Help Memory Loss? There is absolutely no evidence that it does.

"Only about one fourth of adults with memory problems discuss them with their healthcare provider.[17] Given the frequency of advertisements for Prevagen, patients who are concerned about memory loss may consider trying this product instead of seeking medical care. Patients should be advised that contrary to advertising claims, reliable research on the efficacy and safety of Prevagen is not available. Patients should also be aware that clinical trials of dietary supplements, such as vitamin E, have not found any individual micronutrient to be beneficial in cognitive health.[18] It is important for patients to understand that memory loss has multiple causes and should be assessed by a healthcare provider.

Some research suggests that exercise; an active lifestyle; and a heart-healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, may diminish memory decline. Such factors as controlling blood pressure and not smoking also are advantageous. The less-advertised lifestyle approach to preventing and treating age-related memory loss is a better recommendation to patients, vs a magical jellyfish protein."

Does Prevagen® Help Memory Loss?

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