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Monday, September 27, 2010

Virginia Cancels Confederate History Month | Mediaite | Mediaite

Virginia Cancels Confederate History Month | Mediaite | Mediaite
After controversially declaring last April as Confederate History Month Virginia’s Republican governor Bob McDonnell has decided to cancel the event for next April.
McDonnell made his announcement at a conference titled “Race, Slavery, and the Civil War,” which was being held at Norfolk State University.
“Slavery was an evil and inhumane practice that reduced people to property,” the first-term governor informed his audience at the historically black college. “It left a stain on the soul of this nation.”
These comments echo similar ones he made in April, during the thick of the Confederate History Month controversy. A week into the month, he issued a written statement in which he apologized to “any fellow Virginian who has been offended or disappointed.”
It's about time. In Germany the Germans do not celebrate a Nazi history month. The Confederates were colonists and Americans with similar attitudes and practices to the Nazis. They engaged in the murder of million of humans in the middle passage and the enslavement, then segregation of many millions more. They engaged in their murderous and barbaric behavior for over 300 years. America had the most brutal slave system in the history of mankind. We should celebrate their final defeat.

John H. Armwood

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