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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Analysis: Again, Obama Seeks China's Help - CBS News

Analysis: Again, Obama Seeks China's Help - CBS News: (AP) WASHINGTON (AP) - With the two Koreas nose to nose, the Obama administration again is looking to China for diplomatic help to avert a military confrontation, dramatizing the United States' increasing reliance on one of the world's surviving communist regimes.

Even as the Obama administration maneuvers for a U.N. sanctions resolution with China's support against Iran, the U.S. is turning to China to restrain North Korea in a serious flare-up over the sinking of a South Korean ship.

China, under intense U.S. lobbying, already has agreed to sanctions to try to keep Iran from making nuclear weapons. It remains to be seen how far China will go, however, in striking at the Iranian economy.

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