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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Chris Christie’s Tutorial in Hubris - The New York Times


"We can scoff and sneer at those images of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on his beachfront imperium, or we can learn from them. As he took in the sun, he doled out a lesson, the same one that Donald Trump is delivering on a daily basis and in a grander fashion:

Beware the politician who doesn’t give a damn for decorum. What he markets as irreverence can be something coarser and more perverse.

It can lead to ruin. Christie’s approval rating from New Jersey voters was just 15 percent — the lowest rating for any current governor in the country and the worst in his state’s history — before his weekend repose on what turned out to be quicksand. He could sink into single digits after this. Negative integers aren’t entirely out of the question.

I hope Trump is watching, but I have my doubts. The Christie family’s swimwear pageant wasn’t the kind that he’s known to ogle. Plus, he surely turns the channel when the visage on the screen isn’t his own.

The stories of the disgraced New Jersey governor and the disgraceful American president overlap. Christie was ‘Trump before Trump,’ Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, told The Washington Post’s Robert Costa in an article published late Monday. ‘He does what he wants to do, and his success can be traced to that. But there are consequences, of course, when you work that way.’

Marla 16 minutes ago Calling Christie and Trump 'the twins of tantrum' is an accurate description of their characters and their modus operandi.It did not matter... unclejake 20 minutes ago The real question is how did he gain that weight after the weight loss surgery. Seems that Trump did to him what he's doing to us. Bruce Rozenblit 23 minutes ago From Saturday Night Live:Is Chris Christie the reason why people from New York make fun of people from New Jersey? SEE ALL COMMENTS WRITE A COMMENT Steele could as easily have been talking about Trump, and when Costa referred to the ‘defiance that has both lifted and hobbled Christie’s political career,’ he brought to mind Trump’s temperament and trajectory, whether he meant to or not."

(Via.). Chris Christie’s Tutorial in Hubris - The New York Times:

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