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Monday, March 28, 2016

Voting Matters, The Affordable Care Act Today Saved My Life - (Life and death are more complex than all or nothing at all)

Once the new term started my employer, Westwood College announced it was closing on March 4th 2016. Two weeks ago I received a letter from the school stating that there would not be COBRA coverage for employees.

Last week I started coughing. Friday evening my stomach began to bulge out. I called my urologist's office who said I probably had a hernia. I confirmed it yesterday at Urgent Care. I need an operation, very soon. I will see a surgeon tomorrow morning. Good luck, a cancer patient in recovery, getting new insurance while being unemployed.

I called my outgoing insurance company, CIGNA, and spoke with a wonderful young agent. We were on the phone for over four hours after I had spent two hours with other CIGNA personnel. The agent offered an individual plan that I was not very happy with and cost to much. She said I should be eligible for a subsidy. Then she called the Affordable Healthcare Marketplace and conferenced them in. We spent over two and one hours with them. They ended up subsiding a much better plan, silver instead of bronze than the CIGNA had found. The plan had a $1000.00 deductible. It costs $807 per month but with the Affordable Care Act subsidy I will be paying $264.00 instead of $807. This is Obamacare. For all of you folks who think voting does not matter think again. It can mean your life. Without Obamacare I would have been uninsurable. All of the Republican candidates have committed to overturning Obamacare. People's lives, my lives are at stake. That is what my Dad taught me voting meant. John H Armwood

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