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Traumatic Slave Syndrome - The Effects of The Inter-Generational Holocaust In America

 Paul Harris Show - Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome .mp3
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Jon Stewart Fox Has "Most Consistently Misinformed Media Viewers"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

MHP: If ‘angry white man’ was a caricature | MSNBC

MHP: If ‘angry white man’ was a caricature | MSNBC

Good news for Obamacare New numbers from a federal study found that the number of uninsured Americans fell by about 8%.

To all the haters Obamacare is working as all thinking people knew it would.


Melissa Harris-Perry on msnbc

Is war against ISIS growing in scope? Chantelle Bateman from Iraq Veterans Against the War and Iraq War veterans Earl Catagnus Jr. and Matt Southworth talk about the latest U.S. mission against ISIS, in what seems to be an “ongoing war growing in scope.”

We must stop this march towards a third war in Iraq. I know Colin Powell said to George W Bush if you break it you own it and of course Bush broke it killing over 100,000 civilians using conservative U.S. Military statistics but do we really think we can mend what Bush broke? I think not.

Melissa Harris-Perry on msnbc

Coming Soon, a Century Late: A Black Film Gem -

"For decades, the seven reels from 1913 lay unexamined in the film archives of the Museum of Modern Art. Now, after years of research, a historic find has emerged: what MoMA curators say is the earliest surviving footage for a feature film with a black cast. It is a rare visual depiction of middle-class black characters from an era when lynchings and stereotyped black images were commonplace. What’s more, the material features Bert Williams, the first black superstar on Broadway. Williams appears in blackface in the untitled silent film along with a roster of actors from the sparsely documented community of black performers in Harlem on the cusp of the Harlem Renaissance. Remarkably, the reels also capture behind-the-scenes interactions between these performers and the directors."

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I see American involvement in the war against ISIS troubling at a minimum and I am disturbed by the fact I see no clear obtainable objective or end game.

NYTimes: The Wolf Sits Down Within the Flock