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Traumatic Slave Syndrome - The Effects of The Inter-Generational Holocaust In America

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Jon Stewart Fox Has "Most Consistently Misinformed Media Viewers"

Friday, August 22, 2014

Self-Segregation: Why It's So Hard for Whites to Understand Ferguson - The Atlantic

"Overall, the social networks of whites are a remarkable 93 percent white. White American social networks are only one percent black, one percent Hispanic, one percent Asian or Pacific Islander, one percent mixed race, and one percent other race. In fact, fully three-quarters (75 percent) of whites have entirely white social networks without any minority presence. This level of social-network racial homogeneity among whites is significantly higher than among black Americans (65 percent) or Hispanic Americans (46 percent).".This explains the insensitivity of so many whites to the experience of Black Americans with racism.

How do you explain racism to your black son?

"Anyone raising a Black child in America has to have The Talk, especially if that child is male. I’m not talking about the requisite birds and bees talk. I mean The Talk about how to survive being Black in this country."

Oops! Rick Perry does it again, can’t remember his two felony charges -

"Perry was a little unclear when explaining what felony charges were issued against him.”I’ve been indicted by that same body now for I think two counts, one of bribery, which I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t really understand the details here,” Perry said of the grand jury that indicted him.

A grand jury indicted Perry last week on two felony counts — abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public official — over a 2013 veto threat."

Why Did Ferguson Erupt? The Answer Depends on Your Race - NBC

" Some whites in Ferguson acknowledge its racial tension, too. Pastor Mike Trautman, who is white and leads the mostly white First Presbyterian Church, said the city has a long history of racial exclusion that his white parishioners are now being forced to reckon with. “African-American folks are frustrated," he said. "They are frustrated economically and with the sense of their voices not being heard. These are systematic issues. The kind of healing we need will take a long time. I think everyone is awakening to that.”

Across the street, Rev. Steve Lawler of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, says his parishioners, two-thirds of whom are white, have been actively supporting the protesters who gathered near the QuikTrip until it was barricaded off by police earlier this week. “We’ve been flowing some food over to the QuikTrip site,” he said. “We heard there was need for sandwiches. We made 200.”

But the refrain from many white residents of Ferguson is one of worry about the city’s future in the aftermath of the violence.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Holder and Obama Differ in Approach to Underlying Issues of Missouri Unrest

“I thought of them again sometime after that,” he added, “when a police officer stopped and questioned me in Washington while I was running to catch a movie, even though I happened to be a federal prosecutor at the time.”

As a young lawyer and prosecutor, Mr. Holder started programs intended to bridge the divide between law enforcement and communities. “We all bring our life experiences to the job we do — and that’s exactly what we want our attorney general to do,” said Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the United States District Court, a former colleague. “He does care, and it just shows the character of the man himself.”

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ACLU: First Amendment 'suspended in Ferguson' | MSNBC

"Police in Ferguson, Mo., on Monday began telling protesters – who have been gathered for days demanding justice for the death of an unarmed teenager at the hands of police – that they were no longer allowed to stand in place for more than five seconds, but had to keep moving.

“When inquiries were made to law enforcement officers regarding which law prohibits gathering or standing for more than five seconds on public sidewalks,” the ACLU of Missouri wrote in its emergency federal court filing to block the apparent policy, “the officers indicated that they did not know and that it did not matter. The officers further indicated that they were following the orders of their supervisors, whom they refused to name.” The ACLU argued the policy was a prior restraint on speech and asked for a temporary restraining order."

Atty.: He surrendered before 'kill shot'

Atty.: He surrendered before 'kill shot'

Tough night for press freedom amid Ferguson crackdown | MSNBC

Tough night for press freedom amid Ferguson crackdown | MSNBC

Trayvon Martin’s Mom: ‘If They Refuse to Hear Us, We Will Make Them Feel Us’ | TIME

Trayvon Martin’s Mom: ‘If They Refuse to Hear Us, We Will Make Them Feel Us’ | TIME

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught in a Bloody Lie - The Daily Beast

"Police in Ferguson, Missouri, once charged a man with destruction of property for bleeding on their uniforms while four of them allegedly beat him.

“On and/or about the 20th day of Sept. 20, 2009 at or near 222 S. Florissant within the corporate limits of Ferguson, Missouri, the above named defendant did then and there unlawfully commit the offense of ‘property damage’ to wit did transfer blood to the uniform,” reads the charge sheet."

Apple iPad Air 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs Nexus 10: A Clear Comparison

"Apple has been one of the top ranking brands that have fully dominated the market with its iPhone series. Samsung has also made up its name in the industry with their Galaxy smartphones. Nexus on the other hand, has marked its name as it has joined Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Over the years, these three flagships never stopped innovating a series of products that catches the attention of the public."

Thursday, August 14, 2014