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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bias, not behavior, holding women back at work, study says - CNET

"In a report published Monday in the Harvard Business Review, data analysts from McKinsey & Co. and workplace analytics company Humanyze said they decided to test the argument that women just behave differently than men.

To do that, they issued 100 'sociometric badges' across 'all five levels of seniority' in a company at a large, multinational strategy firm that's overwhelmingly male. Over four months, those badges measured 'movement, proximity to other badges, and volume of tone of voice when speaking. They can tell us who talks with whom, where people communicate, and who dominates conversations,' the researchers wrote.

They then anonymized the data, although they still knew each person's gender, role in the workplace and number of years working at the office."

(Via.) Bias, not behavior, holding women back at work, study says - CNET:

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