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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Why most evangelicals don’t condemn Trump - The Washington Post


"Most evangelical believers don’t condemn Trump for the litany of words or deeds that so disturb others, even when they disapprove. Probably half the people in churches across the country defined as ‘evangelicals’ were converted from lives that were even more unprincipled than the life Trump has led. Some experienced divorces, others used foul language, and many were addicted to drugs or alcohol.

In most cases, no immediate miracle happened with regard to their behavior at the moment of their confessions of faith or their emergence from the baptismal waters. The only miracle they were promised was the application of the grace of Jesus Christ, which, under New Testament doctrine, washed away their sins. They know Donald J. Trump is not worthy of the grace of God, because neither were they — which, to them, is the mystery and beauty of this undeserved gift."

(Via.). Why most evangelicals don’t condemn Trump - The Washington Post:

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