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Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump 'complained to Belgian PM of difficulty setting up golf resorts in EU' | US news | The Guardian


" View more sharing options Shares 30 Daniel Boffey in Brussels Friday 26 May 2017 06.35 EDT Last modified on Friday 26 May 2017 07.17 EDT Donald Trump offered an insight into his approach to political life during his 30 hours in Belgium while munching ‘lots of’ Belgian chocolates, it has been reported.

Le Soir, a Belgian daily newspaper, reported that the US president acclaimed the chocolates, which were a gift from the Belgian government, during a meeting with the country’s prime minister, Charles Michel.

‘These are the best,’ he said, before explaining that his ambivalent attitude towards the EU was a consequence of his experiences trying to set up businesses, notably golf resorts, on the continent.

The investigations swirling around Donald Trump – a short guide Read more ‘He made a lot of references to his personal journey. He explained, for example, the functioning of Europe on the basis of his difficulties in doing business in Ireland,’ one source told the Francophone paper.

A second source told the newspaper: ‘Every time we talk about a country, he remembered the things he had done. Scotland? He said he had opened a club. Ireland? He said it took him two and a half years to get a licence and that did not give him a very good image of the European Union. One feels that he wants a system where everything can be realised very quickly and without formalities.’


(Via.).  Trump 'complained to Belgian PM of difficulty setting up golf resorts in EU' | US news | The Guardian:

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