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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trump-Russia inquiry endangered after lawmaker's 'peculiar midnight run' | US news | The Guardian



"Such behaviour reportedly includes an unexplained disappearance from an Uber ride with a staffer on Tuesday night, described by his Democratic counterpart as a ‘peculiar midnight run’.

The investigation subsequently appeared to stall, with Nunes calling off a critical hearing scheduled for Tuesday 28 March, at a time when his Democratic counterpart on the committee, Adam Schiff, said he had seen more than circumstantial evidence of collusion between the Trump camp and Russia.

At an extraordinary committee hearing last Monday, the FBI director, James Comey, confirmed for the first time that the bureau was investigating Trump associates for possible collusion with Moscow.

At the hearing, Comey refused to name any of the campaign aides under FBI scrutiny. Schiff, the ranking Democrat, said he and Nunes had been given a classified briefing that involved evidence of collusion that ‘isn’t purely circumstantial’."

(Via.). Trump-Russia inquiry endangered after lawmaker's 'peculiar midnight run' | US news | The Guardian:

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