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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Donald Trump, The New "President Polk". Trump should read the words of Abraham Lincoln, if only Trump had the concentration to read.

Why do I call Trump the new “President Polk”. Even though Trump has never heard of him, Trump does not read according to his aides this is what he did.“Elected as a Whig to Congress in 1846, Abraham Lincoln gained notoriety when he lashed out against the Mexican War, calling it immoral, proslavery, and a threat to the nation's republican values. President James K. Polk had called for war, accusing Mexico of shedding of "American blood on American soil.” Lincoln responded by introducing a series of resolutions demanding to know the "particular spot of soil on which the blood of our citizens was so shed." One of Lincoln's constituents branded him "the Benedict Arnold of our district," and he was denied renomination by his own party.” It turned out Lincoln was right and Polk had lied and Ameriasn forces had shed Mexican blood illegally on Mexico.


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