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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bill Maher Discusses The Racist Sentiment Of The 51% Of Republicans Who Are Biirthers

Obama won the 2008 election fair and square.  These birthers are all losers. 

This discussion has nothing to do with Obama’s place of birth. They know he was born in Hawaii. They don’t like his race and they are to cowardly to admit it. It is not fashionable anymore to say you hate blacks anymore.

They are whining from the dumpster of American society as they are being transported to the white trash dung heap of American history with the rest of America's racist cretins.

Most of white America has moved on from these type of narrow, primitive, tribal beliefs. Obama won with a huge amount of white support. However this loudmouthed, resentful minority of dregs can’t face that reality, so they make up a story line that Obama is not American. They are pathetic losers. 

Shame on Republicans who cower before them in fear. They however are part of a long line of politicians who played ball with and pandered to racist sentiment in America. Let the whole dung heap of birthers and politicians who pander to them burn in hell.

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