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Monday, July 12, 2004

Morning.Com Reports Tensions Rise accross the Taiwan Straits

China is putting increasing pressure on Taiwan's ruling Independance Party and on the United States government. China is opposed to U.S. Taiwan arm sales and recent moves by the Taiwan government which China believes are moving Taiwan towards independence. The United States is standing by its one China policy by publically opposing Taiwanese independance but it is also selling Taiwan advance military hardware to counter the buildup of Chinese forces accross the Taiwan Straits. Unfortuneately for Taiwan China's increasing economic clout has caused many democracies to abandon the cause of freedom in Taiwan. One might wonder which country is more deserving of America's military support, Iraq or Taiwan? I hope U.S. policy towards Taiwan become an issue in this years U.S. Presidential election. The Taiwanese people deserve to decide for themselves if and when they unite with China. Taiwan was part of China for only four of the past one hundred and six years. China's claim to Taiwan is tenuous at best.

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